Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back in the Blog Business

I’ve decided to get back into this blog business again, for a couple of reasons. First, because I’ve been spending an awful lot of time on Ravelry, and sometimes I feel like writing more—or at least more generally—about my knitting/crochet work than I can there in the notes area of each project. Second, I have ignored the existence of in dreams awake for a few years, but I made my way back for a visit the other day and remembered again how much I enjoyed writing these little essay-like entries as a form of writing complementary to other things I happen to be working on. So here I am again.

These are my knitting/crochet obsessions and projects of late:

(1) Amigurumi—I just added two books to my library in the past few weeks, Amigurumi World and Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful. Claudia is cutting her teeth on crochet learning how to do this, too, make cute little animals with mostly spiral single crochet. Last night I finished my first creature, a funny little elephant made with two different colorways of Noro Kureyon. I picked this yarn because I wanted to create a creature reminiscent of a dream I had recently, on February 27:

Going outside. Weather is getting gray and ominous. I want to walk by the pool. Maybe we can bring the kids here later. All these little critters are around, and they come up to me and some of them bite my toes. They are colorful and fanciful and there are many different kinds. People sitting near the pool laugh at me. When one bites my toes it feels like an electric shock. They're so cute, but it's unnerving. I don't want to step on them. They are colorful and fanciful, not like any creature I've seen before. There are many different kinds of them. They are small. One looks like a little pig with an elongated snout, almost a little trunk.

So I attach a picture of my creature. It looks strikingly like one of the cute guys in this dream, and around the same size, too. The pattern is free on Lion Brand Yarn’s site.

I plan to make another creature from a dream from a few years ago, already bought they yarn, and I have an octopus pattern I can modify. Here’s the dream (from January 1, 2002):

I was sitting with a group I was going to Paris with around a large rectangular wooden table. I was sitting near one end, on the side next to the head. We weren't leaving on the trip until March. We were planning for it. I noticed under the table this creature, turquoise blue with eight thick furry legs and a trunk that looked like one of the legs. It was the size of a baby rabbit. I was really scared of it, didn't like it. I put my legs on the chair and told the others. It scurried away before the others saw it, though someone acknowledged that they knew about it. I didn't like being in the room anymore, tried to focus, but was afraid it would crawl on me. Then I saw an icon of it on a brochure. It was supposed to be a friendly, cute image, but still I didn't want to come into contact with it. At some point I remembered with alarm that my passport had expired. I was relieved I had until March to get a new one, hoped it would be enough time.

Another really cool offshoot of this amigurumi obsession is a collaboration with Rowan. He makes all these really interesting drawings of made-up creatures, always with pencil. He was explaining some recent characters to me the other day, and it struck me that for the most part they’d be really easy to create in yarn with amigurumi. I told him this, and he was interested. And then this morning he discovered my elephant, which I finished last night after the kids went to bed, and he said, “Hey, are you still going to make my characters for me?” I said, “Sure, I’d love to.” The first order of business is a spaceship pillow. I bought a 14-inch pillow form at Joann’s today and got the yarn at Borealis (was disappointed to discover they don’t sell Lamb’s Pride Bulky, just worsted—I don’t want to go to The Yarnery for that. I wish they’d reconsider). I’d like to whip this up for him for an Easter present. We’ll see. That gives me a week. Next on the docket is this triangular guy with a round mouth. I think I know how I’m going to do it. He should be easy, too. Maybe I should make him first. I’m sure I could get him done this week. So anyway, I do love this idea—bringing to life characters from the imagination, whether his or mine.

(2) Claudia wants me to make her some arm warmers. She, too, has a very specific design in mind, and I’ve actually written up my pattern based on several things I’ve looked at and modified. We’ll see how they go. Once I get going on them, I’ll post the pattern. I know she’s disappointed I haven’t started them and am now talking about Rowan’s creatures. So many knitting projects, so little time. I do like that my children are pushing me to become a designer, or at least a design modifier.

(3) I’m making myself a forsythia scarf. I’d like to get it done before the forsythia’s bloom. It’s based on a Nagano Sakura, Remix, by Emily Jan. She doesn’t felt her version of the scarf, but instead of cherry blossoms I’m going to make forsythias, which I've loved to see in spring since I was a little kid.

(4) I’m excited about being a part of the Knitter’s Treasure Swap on Ravelry. The deadline for people to sign up to participate was yesterday. Tomorrow we should get them names of our partners. We have one month to get our package off to our partners. This is what we’re supposed to include:

2 Skeins of yarn (at least 200 grms. total)
Knitting or Craft Magazine
2 Knitting items
Hot drink and goodies mix
One handmade item
A surprise

I’m of course starting to plot what I’ll include in my package, but I don’t want to buy anything or get started on making a gift for my partner until I know who she is and what she seems to like. How exciting! Have I said how much I love Ravelry? What an amazing place.


Lara said...

I like your blog.

The Crafting Witch said...

Hi there. I live in Minneapolis and am looking for a NIA class to attend. Do you have any suggestions? I went to one that was in a studio across from Bachmans on Lyndale but wasn't that inspired. Thanks!!

KnittingReader said...

It's great to be back in touch with you!


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